Farming Management System is a highly customizable AI & ML platform that will be expertly tailored to solve your specific needs.The FMS platform can be adjusted to serve farmers at every stage of the production cycle. It is a universal digital kit that has the flexibility to meet the specific demands of farmers.

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Key Segments & Features

  • Planning

    Useful features for all kinds of financial and operational planning. Single point for planning and accounting for your purchases, farm consumption, and economic assets

  • Operational activities

    How is your work going? Set desirable parameters for quality control monitoring and for tracking the conditions of your crops, animals, characteristics of soil, temperature, and plant growth

  • Analytics

    The data center collects information on your activities, processes it, and supplies you with actionable insights. Use them for making forecasts and trouble-detecting

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Financial Planning

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Insightful Analytics

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Who benefits from the Farming Management System

The Farming Management System is a multi-purpose customizable universal platform for farming and agri-food activities. It can be used as a record-keeping system, as well as a tracking, management, and analytical tool.

All operational and production activities on a farm can be managed, optimized, and centralized in a single one-stop FMS platform. Farmers, finance controllers, and production managers use it worldwide to track day-to-day activities, account inventories, plan budgets and build roadmaps based on data-driven analysis.The FMS module is expertly tailored to solve the specific needs of your production site, business, and farm. Feel free to contact our team to arrange a face-to-face meeting with the presentation of our FMS system or order a demo version by filling out the form below.

  • The system has been designed with farmers’ needs in mind. Agricultural producers can prioritize the day-to-day routine management by specifying their project requirements for our development team. Alternatively, the data collection and resulting analysis can be the focus of our bespoke development. Be it a plant cultivation process, livestock health control, or soil moisture analysis, the platform can be smoothly customized as per your particular requirements.

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  • We empower farming technological processes through easy tracking tools for machinery, equipment, and hundreds of assets, which have conditions that require monitoring. Enable remote control over items that need your attention as a farm technology specialist. With highly customizable modules of the farming management system, as a technology vendor, you achieve transparent control over maintenance.

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  • Agribusiness implies a high degree of uncertainty and, therefore, requires special attention to its performance assessment. The platform can be set to track profit and loss, arrange complete accounting and inventory of assets, and have access to key financial information on the go. By turning FMS into a recordkeeping tool, you’ll be able to build a cost-efficient and transparent financial control system on all farm units.

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