Modern agritech tools for small and medium enterprises

This guide on modern farming tools overviews the possibilities and hi-tech approaches to farming. This information can be helpful for farmers, biotechnology companies, technology providers, and all interested parties.

Table of Contents:

Types of agriculture enterprises and how their needs are being solved by AgriTech
How technological innovations can be applied by various types of start-ups and enterprises
Artificial Intelligence
Data Analytics
Machine learning
Internet of Things replaces manual control in farming
Precision farming and GPS
Overview the modern-day technologies used in precision agriculture
Use cases
Universal farming platforms as the way to manage daily farm operations
Smart dashboards for vertical farm management
Increasing cow milk yield via digital approach to behavior analysis
AI-based disease prevention system on animal farms
Agro scouting applications
Overview of digital agricultural technologies that farmers can use to automate processes
Agritech in digits

March 2023