& Husbandry

Based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Rely on Data-driven Decisions & Insights
Improved Planning & Forecasting
Smart Monitoring & Automation


Internet of Things and Sensor Systems

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Data Transfer Mechanisms

Hardware & IoT engineering

Our expertise is deeply rooted in hardware and the knowledge of IoT configuration. The Internet of Things technology underpins some projects developed by us that emerged at the cross-road of AI and data-driven solutions: smart boards for farming control over crops and animal health, fast-tracking detection of infection, etc. We create end-to-end IoT solutions, requiring the configuration of the IoT sensors and taking care of data processing infrastructure from the scratch.

Business Analysis

UI/UX design

Custom Web development

Custom App development

SuperApp development

Quality Assurance

Software Engineering

Building apps is great but our goal is far-reaching — the end-to-end digital transformation of your product. We are inspired by the user-focused approach and engaging UI/UX practices. We prioritize results-oriented custom web and app development while taking care of quality and post-release support of software tools and applications.

Discovery Phase

MVP Development


Post-release Support

Product Development

Our product development approach encompasses our consultation and design services from prototyping and ideation to market release and beyond: during the Design and Discovery phase, our team elaborates on the user story map and gathers functional and technical requirements. The value of the core business idea, and the ways to build it, are the focus of this stage. As a result of DnD, you will obtain the design system concept. It lets you move to the implementation phase without overlooking essential aspects of your project. - Minimum Viable Product development serves multiple purposes. With a ready MVP, you can launch your product with the minimum working set of features or validate your ideas on the market before a full-scale application.- Product enhancement with features that add business value and give your product a remarkable uniqueness.

Data Mining

Deep Learning

Computer vision

AI R&D Lab: building ML training models

AI R&D Lab: feasibility study

AI R&D Lab: value engineering forecast

AI and ML Engineering

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies facilitate our development process and are at the core of many projects being delivered by our team. By augmenting overall productivity, Artificial Intelligence disrupts many industries: agriculture, transportation, retail, security, education, and others. We've accumulated valuable experience in building and enhancing solutions powered by AI and ML: data-driven farming dashboards, monitoring systems for agriculture, image recognition platforms, and logistic automation projects. Data mining, computer vision, and deep learning are crucial elements of our AI-related expertise.

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